Sloggers Women's Garden/Rain Boots 7 US Midsummer Black


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Sloggers women's rain and garden boots are just the right height for garden work or rainy days around town. Lower and wider than most rain boots, there is more room to tuck your pants into and just like the rest of Sloggers boots and shoes, they include "all-day-comfort" insoles and Sloggers signature deep lug sole for great traction in wet and muddy conditions. Sloggers boots are made from 100 percent recyclable, medical grade material, so they have a soft feel, no odor (like the China stuff), are easy to hose off clean and will last for years. The sole contains up to 50 percent recycled material and when your finished with your boots, you can send them back to Sloggers and they'll turn them back into a new pair.

  • Brand Name: Sloggers
  • Gender: Women's
  • Product Type: Garden/Rain Boots
  • Size: 7 US
  • Color: Midsummer Black
  • Steel Toe: No
  • Material: Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes

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