Fuel Life Fuel Stabilizing Filter 2 pk

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Patented, In-Tank Fuel Drying Technology B3C's Fuel Life is a unique technology designed to remove water from fuel. It removes entrained water eliminating corrosion and phase separation. It is the Only scientific process that removes water bound to ethanol (all ethanol has water bound to it). The Fuel Life fuel preservation technology is a proprietary molecular sieve that removes (neutralizes) the compounds in fuel that cause fuel decay. Once removed, fuel's ability to decay is drastically diminished, even when exposed to heat and sunlight. Modern gasoline is constantly changing, but not in a positive way as it relates to small engines. Ethanol content is rising. Fuel has inherent contamination, including water bonded to ethanol. The water problem becomes worse over time with condensation and water encroachment. Water is the greatest enemy to your fuel system and engine. Ethanol attracts water and at some point this corrosive mixture phase separates to the bottom of your tank.

  • Brand Name: Fuel Life
  • Product Type: Fuel Stabilizing Filter
  • Number in Package: 2 pk

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