Clor Mor Tablet Septic Treatment 10 lb

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Clor Mor� Septic Tabs are formulated to achieve dependable and effective chlorine disinfection for residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. These tablets were designed for the unpredictable flow rates that are usually associated with aerobic septic systems. When used as directed in an approved tablet feeder, this product allows the system to meet state and local regulatory disinfection requirements. These tablets supply a beneficial chlorine residual that provides a long lasting bacterial kill by continually destroying undesirable microorganisms entering the wastewater stream. Positive disinfection of secondary wastewater effluent is generally attained within fifteen minutes of contact with this product. Clor Mor� Septic Tabs are the economical and convenient alternative to more expensive and hazardous liquid or gas systems, and can be used in all aerobic wastewater treatment systems utilizing approved tablet feeders. Clor Mor� Septic Tabs offer homeowners and applicators an effective way to disinfect with less time and effort.

  • Brand Name: Clor Mor
  • Product Form: Tablet
  • Product Type: Septic Treatment
  • Container Size: 10 lb
  • Calcium hypochlorite
  • For sewage and waste water applications

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