Smokehouse Wood Pellets All Natural Apple 5 lb


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Our Apple BBQ Pellets use 100% apple wood blended with Pacific Northwest alder base wood to get a consistently mild, sweet smoke that apple wood is famous for Apple wood BBQ pellets are ideal for any cut of meat, including pork, beef and poultry. Its sweet flavor can also be used to enhance the flavor of nearly any food and has grown to be the favorite of many professional BBQ enthusiasts. The alder wood base adds a neutral, balanced smoke without interfering with the sweetness of the apple wood, yet allows you to smoke for adequate time periods without over doing it. Try the Apple BBQ Pellets on any recipe, from smoked cheese to pork and ribs. We're sure you love the outcome.

  • Brand Name: Smokehouse
  • Product Type: Wood Pellets
  • All Natural: Yes
  • Flavor: Apple
  • Container Size: 5 lb
  • Packaging Type: Bagged

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