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WINE CARRIER BLACK 1LTRHoudini 1 L Black Vinyl Wine Carrier
COCKTAIL SHAKR SLVR 16OZHoudini 16 oz Silver Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
DISC FLSK BLK/CLR 7.25OZHoudini 7.25 oz Black/Clear Plastic/Silicone Flask
FOIL CUTTER BLK 1PKHoudini Black Plastic Foil Cutter
CHAMPAGN SEALER BLK 1PKHoudini Black Plastic/Silicone Champagne Sealer
VAC PUMP/STP SET BLK 3PKHoudini Black Silicone Vacuum Pump and Stopper Set
COMPACT BAR TOOL BLK 6PKHoudini Black Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set
ELECTRC CRKSCRW BLK SSHoudini Black Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew
WING CORKSCREW BLK 8"Houdini Black Stainless Steel Wing Corkscrew
ICE SPHERE SILICN BLUHoudini Blue Silicone Ice Molds
CRUSHED ICE TRAY BLUEHoudini Blue Silicone Ice Tray
LEVR CRKSCRW SS SLV 2PKHoudini Deluxe Silver Stainless Steel Corkscrew
ICE TRAY SILICN RED 1PKHoudini Red Silicone Ice Tray
ICE SCOOP METAL SILVERHoudini Silver Metal Ice Scoop
BOTTLE OPENER SS 1PKHoudini Silver Stainless Steel Manual Bottle Opener
MUDDLER SS SILV 1PKHoudini Silver Stainless Steel Muddler
WAITERS CORKSCREW SS 1PKRabbit Silver Stainless Steel Waiter's Corkscrew

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