24-Hour Sanitizing Wipes | 4.5 X 8.25 | White | 75/Canister | 6 Canisters/Carton

ScottSKU: ESKCC53609

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Most surface disinfectants work, but only for the moment.
As soon as a surface is touched again, germs are back in action.
Scott 24 Hour Sanitizing Wipes maintain sanitized surfaces for 24 hours, killing 99.9% of bacteria even after multiple touches.
Scott 24 Hour Sanitizing Wipes clean, sanitize and disinfect, all while not requiring any rinsing because they are also bleach-free.
They have a patented technology maintains a visible layer of surface protection to provide assurance that the product is delivering 24-hour sanitization.
For safety and peace of mind, there is no better choice than Scott 24 Hour Sanitizing Wipes.

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