360 Surround Fan Forced Heater 9 X 9 X 12 Gray | Total Quantity: 1

Honeywell EnvironmentalSKU: ESHWLHHF360V

Sale price$75.30


Features a 360-degree radius design that allows for superior all-around heating.
This feature can easily be adjusted and redirected in the direction of your choosing.
A fully adjustable thermostat also has been included and was designed to be especially accessible and easy-to-read.
The ability to navigate between two heat settings and the presence of a fan add even more flexibility to a heater that's inherently versatile.
Surpassing industry standards, Honeywell has gone the additional mile in incorporating numerous nods to safety into their series of portable heaters.
The inclusion of a tip-over switch, overheat protection and flame-resistant construction set this fan well ahead of its competitors while securing the ultimate in peace-of-mind.

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