3900 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape 3" Core 48 Mm X 54.8 M Silver | 1 Roll

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If you have to choose just one duct tape then there's no better choice than 3M Multi-Purpose Duct Tape.
With one of the lowest profiles of any polyethylene duct tape, it's a great choice for low-bulk applications.
The natural rubber adhesive gives you an instant stick and long-term holding power on a wide variety of surfaces.
The polyethylene-coated, cloth-reinforced backing conforms to curved and irregular surfaces and even resists the effects of moisture and humidity.
Able to withstand temperatures up to 200F/93C for up to 30 minutes, durable and reliable service is ensured when used for general shop and temporary repair applications.
Its high tensile strength makes it ideal for bundling materials.
The tape tears easily, across or down, without curling.
Cloth-reinforced tape is ideal for patching, bundling, reinforcing, tabbing, taping/splicing insulation, capping pipe, securing conduit ends, marking, labeling, temporary repair, hanging polyethylene drapes and protecting against light sandblast overspray.

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