9 Elements Lemon Scent Multi-Purpose Cleaner Liquid 18 ounce

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9 Elements Lemon Multi-Purpose Cleaner Is Powered By Vinegar To Dissolve Greasy Residues, Remove Tough Soap Scum And Fight Hard-Water Stains � All With No Rinse Required. The Fast-Acting Formula Works Hard So You Can Scrub Less And Refresh Your Surfaces With The Revitalizing Scent Of Lemon Essential Oil.

Fast-Acting Formula Removes Hard Water Residues On Surfaces Like Hardwood, Stainless Steel, Granite, Glass Andmore
Strip Away Dirty, Grease Andgrime With The Purifying Power Of Vinegar
Helps You Select Products To Protect Your Family And The Environment
Made With 100% Lemon Essential Oil For A Refreshing Citrus Scent
A Rinse Is Required For Surfaces In Direct Contact With Food
Spray Surface And Scrub, Rinse Orwipe Clean
For Tougher Stains, Spray And Allow To Sit For 1 Minute

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