Ace Ace Brand Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and MG-104 Granule Ice Melt 11 lb

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Brand Name: Ace
Chemical Composition: Sodium
Pet Friendly: Yes
Product Type: Ice Melt
Container Size: 11
Packaging Type: Jug
Product Form: Granule
Lowest Effective Temperature: -10 deg. F
Formulated to melt ice faster and resist
re-freezing. Improved custom-blended formula.
Rapid ice melting
performance. Melts ice and snow down to -10 degrees F
(-23 degrees C). Resists re-freezing, reducing the need for additional
applications. Contains sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and MG-104 blend.
Safer on air-entrained, cold weather concrete that is at least one-year-old compared to conventional ice melters when used as
directed. Does not require
gloves or goggles. Safer to handle -will not burn skin.
High-visibility package graphics, selling features and bilingual labels.
Improved custom blend optimizes melting
performance. Will not harm pets or vegetation, when
applied as directed. Do not use on new concrete less than one-year-old, it must be at least one-year-old or
more. Please be sure to follow all instructions and guidelines on the retail package

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