Advanced Bath Tissue Roll With Opticore Septic Safe 2-Ply White 865 Sheets/Roll 36 Per Each Carton | 1 Carton of: 36

EssitySKU: ESTRK162090

Sale price$115.90


Tork Advanced Bath Tissue Roll with OptiCore features patented two-part core technology and offers a unique combination of capacity, waste reduction and quality.
This embossed tissue is made with de-inking and bleaching processes free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals as well as features more than a 25% reduction in core material for environmentally preferable packaging.
Featuring premium brightness and near-premium hand feel, it's ideal for those seeking to achieve green status for their facility and purchase tissue produced with methods less harmful to the environment.
All Tork bath tissue products are safe for septic systems.

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