B&B Charcoal Texas Swine Shaker Seasoning Rub 13 oz

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B&B Charcoal Texas Swine Shaker Seasoning is specially crafted just for pork. Whether it is ribs or pork but, this is the seasoning that you are looking for. Try this next time you have some on the barbecue, whether doing a traditional smoke or beer can, the flavor is always there and reliable. Add some flavor to your grilled foods with the B&B Seasoning. This seasoning shaker can be used on your favorite meats to provide a delicious flavor with each bite.

  • Brand Name: B&B Charcoal
  • Flavor: Texas Swine Shaker
  • Product Type: Seasoning Rub
  • Container Size: 13 oz
  • Packaging Type: Shaker Can

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