Back-Ups Pro Bx1000M Compact Tower Battery Backup System 8 Outlets 1000Va 1103 J | Total Quantity: 1


Sale price$190.79


Power your critical devices during an outage and stay connected to your network, so you can continue working or gaming.
High-quality, uninterruptible battery backup ensures everything stays on and protected during outages and power emergencies, even your Wi-Fi, but now it does it all in a smaller, lighter, more convenient design.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) maintains healthy voltage conditions without using battery power, saving backup runtime for outages when you need it.
Active Power Factor Corrected device compatibility keeps PFC devices from unexpectedly shutting down when switching to backup power during an outage.
Hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries allow you to easily and quickly exchange them without shutting down, without having to interrupt protection.
USB ports deliver convenient mobile-device charging.
LCD interface displays easy-to-note information on utility and UPS status.
Audible alarms notify you of changing utility power and UPS conditions.

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