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The Acroprint BioTouch time clock is fully self-contained.
It features quick setup with no complicated network configuration.
Set the clock to capture all employee punches using the built-in biometric fingerprint scanner or the RFID proximity card reader.
You can also allow employees to clock in and out using their employee ID in conjunction with a PIN number.
BioTouch accommodates up to 500 employees and up to 200,000 transactions.
All you have to do to start using your BioTouch Time Clock is enter your rules for up to five shifts on an Excel spreadsheet.
Then you can upload your shift rules to the clock using the BioTouch flash drive which is included with the time clock.
BioTouch is an outstanding option for businesses with remote offices or locations that don't always have an available network port nearby.
The system allows you to configure start and stop times, lunch breaks, and holiday settings to meet your business needs.
Receive Punch Reports and Time Card Reports to control cost and monitor attendance.
The BioTouch Time Clock stands upright on a table-top or desk with included stand or it can be easily wall-mounted using the included bracket and mounting screws.
Clock displays in military time (24 hours) only.

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