Bleeding Control Kit - Texas Mandate 8.5 X 10.75 X 11.5 | Total Quantity: 1

First Aid Only, Inc.SKU: ESFAO91159

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First Aid Only Bleeding Control Kit empowers a first responder bystander with the right tools to stop a life-threatening blood loss before professional help arrives.
Meets the Texas Mandate HB496 to have kits in all schools.
The kit provides all the tools required to handle serious multiple-wound limb or torso bleeding wounds.
It is equipped with a windlass-style and a back-up limb tourniquet, a blood-clotting hemostatic gauze pad, a chest seal for lung wounds, a highly absorbent Hema-Seal trauma dressing and additional wound dressings.
Also included are a pair of protective nitrile exam gloves, bandage shears to cut away clothing, an aluminized blanket to keep the victim warm and a marker to denote the time the tourniquet was applied.
The kit comes in an organized, easy access pouch so you can find supplies in a hurry.

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