Brainstorm Products X Kites Assorted Kites Plastic 1 each

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Brainstorm Products X Kites Assorted Ki
Sub Brand: X Kites
Theme: Assorted
Product Type: Kites
Material: Plastic
Number in Package: 1 each
Color: Assorted
Assorted Themes: FlipFlop Diamond-Barbie, FlipFlop Diamond Cars, FlipFlop Diamond Despicable Me, FlipFlop Diamond Batman, FlipFlop Diamond Spider-Man, FlipFlop Diamond Star Wars, FlipFlop Diamond Finding Dory, FlipFlop Diamond TMNT, SkyDelta 52 TMNT, SkyDelta 52 Barbie, SkyDelta 52 Despicable Me, SkyDelta 52 Superman, SkyDelta 52 Spider-Man, SkyDelta 52 Frozen, SkyDelta 52 Transformers, SkyDelta 52 The Avengers Ironman, SkyDelta 52 Finding Dory, SkyDelta 52 Star Wars Episode 7, SkyDelta 52 Disney Princess Cinderella, Birds of Paradise Blue Macaw, Birds of Paradise Red Parrot, Birds of Paradise Lorikeet, Birds of Paradise Toucan

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