BulbHead ASOTV Battle Bubbles Bubble Machine 1 pk


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Nothing is more magical than blowing bubbles! But using a wand is frustrating and messy. You wind up with soap all over your hands and youre huffing and puffing after ten minutes. Its an instant favorite amongst kids and adults! Dont let Battle Bubbles small size fool you. Battle Bubbles is leak-proof and overflow-proof so its safe to use around children and pets. Plus, theres a built-in cooling fan - just take off the head and enjoy a cool breeze on a hot day! Battle Bubbless easy, one-button operation is perfect for kids and adults. Just dip the head in the bubble solution, then press the button - thats it! Its fun for the whole family. The lightweight and small design make it perfect for big hands and little hands alike.

  • Brand Name: BulbHead
  • Sub Brand: ASOTV
  • Theme: Battle Bubbles
  • Product Type: Bubble Machine
  • Number in Package: 1 pk

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