Burch Barrel 18 inch Charcoal/Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Black

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Brand Name: Burch Barrel
Cooking Diameter: 18 in.
Fuel Type: Charcoal/Wood Pellet
Product Type: Grill and Smoker
Color: Black
Assembly Required: Yes
Ignition Type: Manual
Built-In Thermometer: Yes
Primary Cooking Area Range: 201-400 sq in
Nominal Height: 26 in.
Housing Material: Steel
Front/Side Shelf: Yes
Grate/Surface Material: Stainless Steel
Total Cooking Area: 6361 cu in
Primary Cooking Area: 250 sq in
Number of Wheels: 0 wheel
Nominal Depth: 23 in.
Nominal Width: 23 in.
Tripod Height: 81 to 84 in.
Tripod Weight: 20 lb.
Tripod Footprint: 60 in. circle
Barrel Weight: 55 lb.

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