Burnt Finger BBQ Smokey KC BBQ Rub 13 oz


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Smokey Kansas City All-Purpose BBQ Seasoning was perfected through years of cooking on the professional BBQ circuit. An enormous amount of trial and error went into developing a custom blend of seasoning that builds a strong foundation for barbecue flavor without overpowering the natural beauty of the meat. Smokey Kansas City All-Purpose BBQ Seasoning is a balanced blend of salt and sugar that draws bold flavor from the classic mixture of garlic, onion and celery. Layers of chili powder and paprika give smoked meats that beautiful burnished mahogany color and a hint of spice that will make mouths water and judges scream 9 9 9.

  • Brand Name: Burnt Finger BBQ
  • Flavor: Smokey KC
  • Product Type: BBQ Rub
  • Container Size: 13 oz
  • Packaging Type: Shaker Can

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