Cable Clamp Pro Polymer Cable Clamp 25 pk


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The Cable Clamp Pro is the ultimate Reusable Cable Management Tool. Featuring a unique Push Button Release constructed with flexible and durable polycarbonate. Integrally attached Carry Handle serrated for easy grip. Carry handle also includes built-in lanyard hole allowing for attachment of rope, wire or hook. Lanyard hole maybe used for tethering of Cable Clamp Pro to cords, cable and other devices. The integrally attached Pop-Up Peg Hook D-Ring is easily deployed. D-Ring constructed of high tensile spring steel and polished to stainless steel sheen. Patented hinge operation and self-aligning teethed jaws automatically hold multiple open positions without the hassle of some existing cable management products. The Cable Clamp Pro lays flat for efficient handling and storage. It incorporates a unique 360 degree footprint accentuated with multiple round spheres and curved serrations. All succeed in creating a visually and physical feeling of continuity, comfort and functionality. Reusable Cable Clamp PROs replace one-time use cable and cord management devices conserving natural resources. Constructed with Polycarbonate or ABS polymers and Stainless/Spring Steels. Reusable, Adjustable, Rugged and Easy-To-Use. The large Cable Clamp Pro is for bundles up to 3 inch. Shelf Top Bulk Merchandiser contains 36 large Cable Clamp Pros.

  • Brand Name: Cable Clamp
  • Sub Brand: Pro
  • Material: Polymer
  • Product Type: Cable Clamp
  • Number in Package: 25 pk
  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Packaging Type: Bulk

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