Clear And Mild Foam Hand Wash Unscented 1,200 Ml Refill 2 Per Each Carton | 1 Carton of: 2

Go-Jo IndustriesSKU: ESGOJ194102

Sale price$78.91


Helps remove unwanted dirt, residue, and germs from hands, contains skin conditioners, and comes in a sealed refill bottle for PROVON LTX-7 dispensers (sold separately).
The skin conditioners, such as glycerin and sodium PCA (pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid), help keep skin moisturized.
The hand wash is fragrance and dye free to help reduce the chance of allergic reactions.
The recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle is clear to show the current fill level, and it comes with a fresh dispensing valve to help reduce potential germ exposure.
A removable pump allows the bottle to be recycled.
This hand wash meets the EcoLogo institutional hand cleaner standard UL 2784 for use of environmentally safer ingredients and packaging when compared with similar products.

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