Control Antiseptic Foam Skin Cleanser Unscented 1,200 Ml Refill | 1 Carton of: 2

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Scott Control provides enhanced hygiene solutions for critical environments.
When staying clean and hygienic is a top priority, it's smart to use a product that makes it easy.
Scott Control E-2 Antiseptic Foam Skin Cleanser contains 1.
75% PCMX to reduce bacteria (up to 99.
9%) and is rated by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as E-2 and safe for hand washing in and around food processing and foodservice.
This efficient "wash and work" antiseptic formula is E-2 rated at 50 ppm chlorine dip equivalency.
The simple-to-load cassette of bulk hand soap is designed to fit in a manual Scott Control Professional Cassette Skin Care Dispenser, so that your employees and guests can dispense it easily.
When you're looking for an efficient, thorough foam cleansing solution, trust your workplace hand washing needs to Scott Control E-2 Antiseptic Foaming Skin Cleanser.

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