Duckback Premium Transparent Natural Gloss Penetrating Oil Wood Finish 1 gal.

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Brand Name: Duckback
Sub Brand: Premium
Transparency: Transparent
Tintable: No
Color: Natural Gloss
Coating Material: Penetrating Oil
Product Type: Wood Finish
Container Size: 1 gal.
Application Method: Brush
UV Resistant: Yes
Time Before Recoating: 4 hr.
Water Repellent: Yes
Sealer: No
Recommended Surface: Finished Wood
Full Cure Time: 30 day
Coverage Area: 300 sq. ft.
VOC Level: Low VOC
For verticle wood such as
siding, trim and doors The durable and flexible alkyd resins provide superior
water protection Iron oxide pigments refelct harmful UV rays that fade and damage
wood Won't crack or peel
Two coats required for
maximum performance For all seasons in all enviroments

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