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Great for travel or workouts. Our DUDE body wipes for men get you clean when there is no time for a shower. Besides the gym, try them camping, running, playing ball or hiking. They're TSA approved so you can travel with them and wipe down after a long flight. Extra large and thick meet the DUDE Shower, a solution to not smelling like your gym bag. Huge, extra thick body wipes that remove odor, dirt or sweat from anywhere on your entire body. Just take a quick unscented wipe down from head to toe and you're shower fresh. Sustainable clean DUDE Shower Body Wipes conserves more water than a shower and are produced with solar energy. Whether you're camping, hiking, pumping or traveling, you can stay clean and fresh AND help protect the environment. It's time to go green, Dude. See the light. One day, in their Chicago apartment, the DUDES started using baby wipes instead of toilet paper and immediately saw the light. We decided to make our first product, flushable single travel packets of Dude Wipes.

  • Brand Name: Dude Wipes
  • Product Type: Disposable Wet Wipes
  • Number in Package: 8 pk

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