Easy Trap Flip Holder 4" X 23" | Total Quantity: 1

3M/Commercial Tape Div.SKU: ESMMM59247

Sale price$94.34


The 3M Easy Trap Flip Holder forms a light weight and efficient dusting system when used with 3M Easy Trap Duster disposable sheets.
Just clamp dusting sheet onto the flip holder and start cleaning almost any horizontal surface.
The swivel head allows you to get into corners and tight spaces.
When the duster is soiled, flip the holder to use the second side.
The 3M Easy Trap Flip Holder has a unique wedge profile that helps keep large debris from tumbling over the holder.
Used with 3M Easy Trap Duster, it picks up four to six times the dust, dirt, sand, and hair as a traditional dust mop.

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