Eazypower Isomax Assorted in. 4-Sided Chuck Key 1 pc


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Eazypower was founded in 1985 and with the worldwide patent on the Flex-A-Bit in 1989, quickly expanded to encompass unique power tool accessories. Since then, Eazypower has established itself as a formidable competitor in the screwdriver tip and power tool accessory area. Eazypower has grown to provide the largest selection of Screwdriver tips in the industry, consistently outperforming the competition. Eazypower continues to grow in different categories of power tool accessories, such as buffing & polishing, abrasives, woodworking, high quality drill bits, sockets and various adapters.

  • Brand Name: Eazypower
  • Sub Brand: Isomax
  • Pilot Size: Assorted in.
  • Product Type: 4-Sided Chuck Key
  • Number in Package: 1 pc

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