Espoma Organic Organic Orchid Potting Mix 4 qt


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High quality line of soil products that are organic approved, beautifully packaged and enhanced with mycrorrihizae. The myco-tone advantage. Myco-tone is a proprietary blend of 11 different strains of mycorrihizia, which are naturally occurring fungi that have been shown to enhance plant growth and reduce the amount of watering required. Myco-tone fungi work with the plants root system to open up more channels for the plant to take water and nutrients from the growing mix. The result is larger more robust plant with more blooms.

  • Brand Name: Espoma
  • Sub Brand: Organic
  • Organic: Yes
  • Ideal for Growing: Orchid
  • Product Type: Potting Mix
  • Bag Capacity/Dry Volume: 4 qt
  • Primary Usage: Gardening

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