Exotic Pebbles & Glass Polished Jade Decorative Pebble Pebbles 5 lb

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Upgrade your terrarium with Exotic Pebble's Polished Jade Gravel. These natural pebbles are sourced from quarries and, while ideal for reptile habitats, they are also the perfect substrate or decorative element for aquariums, gardens, potted plants, yards or pond decor or any landscaping project. And since they come straight from nature, each pebble is uniquely shaped, so you can achieve a naturalistic look easily and with less effort! Plus, they come in a 5-lb jar and a 20-lb bag to accommodate your needs.

  • Brand Name: Exotic
  • Sub Brand: Pebbles & Glass
  • Color: Polished Jade
  • Type: Decorative Pebble
  • Product Type: Pebbles
  • Bag Weight: 5 lb
  • Packaging Type: Jar
  • Rock Size: 3/8
  • Pebble Shape: Bean

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