Flex Glue White Rubberized Waterproof Adhesive 6 oz.

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Flex Glue 6 oz Tube
Sub Brand: As Seen On TV
Color: White
Product Type: Rubber Sealant
Container Size: 6 oz.
Inverted Spray Ability: No
Packaging Type: Can
Usage: Can be applied to almost any surface
Recommended Surface: Most Surfaces
Primer Required: No
UV Resistant: Yes
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
Coverage Area: 30 sq. ft.
Full Cure Time: 48
Time Before Recoating: 48 hr.
Common Flex Glue
Applications: Household trim and molding,Tile bonding and sealing, Underwater repairs, Bonding landscape blocks, Paneling
installation Sealing
showers and baths Countertops & cabinets installation and repairs, Bonding back splash to walls, Window & door installation and sealing, Masonry Sealant, Installing wall stone, Pool tile repairs, Home exterior
repairs, Gutter sealant Adhere and repair house flashing and fascia, Roofing applications and repairs, HVAC sealing and repairs, Marine & RV applications and repairs, DIY projects, Emergency adhesive and sealant repairs, Industrial manufacturing applications, and General construction applications.
Discovery CON, NBR, SUP, EXP

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