Flexible Fabric Extra Large Adhesive Bandages 1.25" X 4" 10 Per Box | 1 Box of: 10

Johnson & JohnsonSKU: ESJOJ5685

Sale price$28.51


BAND-AID Brand Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages cover and protect minor wounds.
Made with Memory-Weave fabric for comfort and flexibility, these extra-large wound care bandages stretch, bend, and flex as you move.
Each bandage features a Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad designed to cushion painful wounds while you heal which may help to prevent re-injury.
Made with a Hurt-Free Pad, these comfortable first-aid bandages won't stick to the wound as they wick away blood and fluids, allowing for gentle removal.
BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages help protect against dirt and germs that may cause infection.
Plus wounds covered with a bandage heal faster than uncovered wounds.
For proper wound care, treat with wound an antiseptic ointment such as Neosporin prior to application.

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