G-Tek Kev Cut-Resistant Seamless-Knit Gloves Medium (Size 8) Yellow/Gray 12 Pairs | 1 Dozen


Sale price$97.25


Take a bold leap forward.
Kevlar¨-engineered yarn combined with a proprietary core provides an inherently high tensile strength relative to its weight, is inherently cut-resistant and will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity.
G-Tek¨ KEVª gloves conform to your hands, even over glove liners, to provide superior flexibility, dexterity and tactile sensitivity, all while providing superior protection against heat, cuts, lacerations and abrasions.
Seamless knit construction ensures wearing comfort, and a tighter wrist helps keep dirt and debris at bay.
Color-coded hems for easy size identification.
Machine-washableÑeasy to keep clean.
Ideal for material-handling operations, commercial fishing operations, sanitation personnel, general maintenance personnel, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians as well as waste handling and recycling centers.

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