Gallagher 9 volt Battery Digital Volt Meter Orange

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Digital Volt Meter
Volts: 9 volt
Power Source: Battery
Product Type: Digital Volt Meter
Color: Orange
Width: 26.8 in.
Depth: 10.2 in.
Height: 55.3 in.
Weight: .44 lbs. Displays f ence voltage from 10kV to 1 2kV in 1,000 volt i
ncrements Shows fence vo ltage in 100V increments un
der 10kV Very handy tool for checking ground per
formance/voltage Helps trac e fence line shorts and faul
ts Reads the voltage for b attery energizers even when the energizers are in Batte
ry Save Mode Ground rod fo r ease of ground connec
tion Powered by one 9V batt ery (GLR61 9 V) with a life of 6-12 months
Activated when fence pu lse is detected
Water resistant
Discovery ACC

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