GE Supreme Clear Supreme Silicone Kitchen and Bath Silicone 10.1 oz.

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Brand Name: GE
Sub Brand: Supreme
Material: Silicone
Color: Clear
Product Type: Sealant
Container Size: 10.1 oz.
Permanently Flexible: Yes
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
Packaging Type: Cartridge
Coverage Area: 50 linear ft.
Mildew Resistant: Yes
VOC Level: Low VOC
Paintable: No
Moisture Resistant: Yes
30-MINUTE SHOWER-READY The shower doesn't have to be off limits for a full day. By developing strength and adhesion quickly, GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath can be exposed to water in just 30 minutes without washing away. Some caulk requires you to wait a full day or longer before using the shower or the caulk might wash away. GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath won't put a ripple in your bath schedule. 10-YEAR MOLD-FREE PRODUCT PROTECTION The mold-free product protection helps keep the cured caulk mold- and mildew-free and looking clean for 10 years, with regular cleaning. Mold is not only an unsightly and embarrassing problem to have in the kitchen or bathroom, but it might also lead to health problems. Some caulk might claim limited protection, but GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath caulk is formulated for increased protection.

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