GrowTrax Big Roll Mixed Sun or Shade Grass Seed Blanket


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Grotrax Seed - Every Seed Perfectly Placed at 120 percent of its recommended planting rate. Each Grotrax roll contains the latest technology, high-quality seed from leading Oregon growers. Grotrax Micro Pellet Fertilizer produces fast germination and uniform growth. Our proprietary blend contains immediate use Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, plus a patented polymer-coated 120 day, Nitrogen time release fertilizer. Grotrax Biodegradable Fabric - patent-pending and super absorbent. Once rolled out and watered, it sticks to the ground. Each seed is then surrounded by fertilizer and held in place between two bio fabric layers, holding 6 times their weight in water.

  • Brand Name: GrowTrax
  • Sub Brand: Big Roll
  • Grass Type: Mixed
  • Exposure: Sun or Shade
  • Product Type: Grass Seed Blanket
  • Packaging Type: Roll
  • Coverage Area: 100 sq ft
  • Region: North
  • Size of Lawn: Small < 4000 sq ft)
  • Lawn Project: Get Rid of Weeds
  • Coated or Non-Coated: Coated
  • Seed Type: Mixed
  • Type: Year Around Green

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