Gym Wipes Advantage 6 X 8 White Unscented 900/Roll 4 Rolls/Ct | 1 Carton of: 4

2Xl Corporation, Inc.SKU: ESTXLL36R

Sale price$184.73


Non-alcohol based, pre-moistened wipes designed specifically to clean dirt, sweat and body oils from all surfaces of health club equipment.
Whether you need to clean gym mats, yoga mats or seat pads, these versatile facility wipes are ideal for all of your cleaning needs.
Advantage all purpose wipes are soft, yet have the cleaning strength you've come to expect from 2XL.
Take these convenient, ready-to-use wipes with you wherever you go.
Easy to use, effective and safe for vinyl, leather, chrome, foam grips, rubber, painted surfaces, metal and electronic displays.
Neutralizes odors that tend to build up on soft surfaces.

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