Hot Shot Insect Killer Aerosol 11 oz

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Hot Shot Spider & Scorpion Killer kills spiders, scorpions and other listed insects on contact. The water-based formula keeps killing for up to 16 weeks for continued control. This product leaves no oily residue or mess around the house. Use both indoors and outdoors. When treating inside the home, contact as many insects as possible with the spray in addition to thoroughly treating all parts of the room where these pests may hide. Spray spiders and their webs directly. For scorpions, stand at a safe distance and completely cover the pests. Scorpions must be contacted by the spray to be killed. Outdoors, thoroughly spray infested weeds or bushy, non-crop areas.

  • Brand Name: Hot Shot
  • Organic: No
  • Product Type: Insect Killer
  • Product Form: Aerosol
  • Container Size: 11 oz
  • Active Ingredient: Prallethrin
  • Pest Type: Scorpions/Spiders
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to Use
  • Odorless: Yes
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Safe for Edibles: No
  • Safe for Children and Pets: No
  • Residual Protection: No
  • Packaging Type: Aerosol Can
  • Yes
  • No

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