HTH Liquid Scum Gone 64 oz

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Can you see an oily buildup sitting on top of your pool water. Are scum lines clouding the real beauty of your pool liner or tile. Is buildup causing your filter to run inefficiently. Scum is common in and around pools that get a lot of swimmer use due to oils, lotions and other organic materials, but its no match for HTH Scum Remover. Add HTH Scum Remover directly to your swimming pool to see clean, clear results within 24-hours. This formula is effective on all pool types including vinyl-lined and salt water pools.

  • Brand Name: HTH
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Product Type: Scum Gone
  • Product Group: Specialty
  • Usage: Pool
  • Container Size: 64 oz
  • Available Chlorine: Non-Chlorine
  • No
  • No

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