Hydrofarm Doktor Doom Organic Fogger 5.5 oz.

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Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger
Sub Brand: Total Release
Organic: Yes
Product Type: Fogger
Container Size: 5.5 oz.
Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins
Product Form: Liquid
Ready to Use: Yes
Packaging Type: Aerosol Can
Coverage Area: 5500 cu. ft.
Pest Type: Mites
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
Safe for Pets: No
Safe for Edibles: Yes
For hydroponic gardening F or use in greenhouses, f ruit and vegetable storage a reas and indoor gardening a
reas Used for co ntrolling fungus gnats, sp ider mites, two-spotted sp ider mites, aphids, wh iteflies, scale, mealy bu gs and thrips. No re siduals.

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