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Disinfect everyday items and surfaces anytime, anywhere with the ionUVª Mini Sanitizer Wand.
Its super-compact, travel-friendly, folding design makes it easy to keep with you wherever you go.
Powerful and safe UV-C LED light effectively eliminates most germs, common pathogenic bacteria and airborne microorganisms, even from the smallest creases and crevices that may be difficult-to-impossible to reach with cleaning wipes, and it does it all in 30 seconds or less, liquid- and chemical-free.
Though specifically designed for electronic devices: smartphones, pads, laptops as well as peripherals and accessories, the wand works equally well on a range of items, including upholstery, currency, bedding, restroom surfaces.
even your shoes.
As a safety measure, the wand includes an internal mechanism that turns the UV light off when oriented upwards, to help you avoid shining the light directly in your face or eyes.
Micro-USB charging port allows you to recharge the wand nearly anywhere from any USB-ported device.
1200mAh battery powers the wand for up to three hours on a single charge.

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