Loctite Stik'N Seal High Strength Glue Adhesive 1 oz


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Loctite Stik 'n Seal outdoor adhesive is designed to create long-lasting bonds for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. This durable adhesive forms a tight, waterproof and weatherproof seal, making it ideal for tough jobs. The adhesive's semi-flexible formula even makes it suitable for bonding materials such as leather and fabric, as well as glass, rubber, aluminum, cardboard and more. Our all-purpose adhesive has a thick, gel-like consistency that dries crystal-clear to eliminate obvious bond lines for invisible repairs. Plus, Stik 'n Seal outdoor adhesive won't drip or run, so it reduces your cleanup time. Not recommended for polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or other hard-to-bond plastics.

  • Brand Name: Loctite
  • Sub Brand: Stik'N Seal
  • Adhesion Strength: High Strength
  • Material: Glue
  • Product Type: Adhesive
  • Container Size: 1 oz
  • UV Resistant: No
  • Packaging Type: Carded
  • Color: Crystal Clear
  • Solvent Resistant: No
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
  • VOC Level: 409 g/L
  • Flammable: Yes
  • Full Cure Time: 24 hr
  • Working Time: 2 hr
  • Recommended Surface: Brick, Cement, Foamboard, Ceramic, Glass, Leather, Rubber, Wood, Cardboard, Tile, Fabric, Hard Plastics
  • Product Form: Gel

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