Master Magnetics .197 in. Ceramic Disc Magnets 0.7 lb. pull 3.5 MGOe

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Master Magnetics Disc Magnets
Length: .197 in.
Material: Ceramic
Product Type: Disc Magnets
Pull Capacity: 0.7 lb. pull
MGOe: 3.5
Color: Black
Number in Package: 8 pc.
Usage: Use to make light to medium weight items magnetic
Packaging Type: Clamshell
Width: .701 in.
Telescoping: No
Ceramic Discs are .701" Dia. x .197" Thk. Ceramic is a material that has a high resistance to corrosion or rust but can chip or crack easily, so it should be handled with care. Can be glued to any surface. (8 pcs.)
Discovery CON, NBR, SUP, EXP

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