MAT Farmgard 55 in. H X 330 ft. L Galvanized Steel Field Fence Silver

MATSKU: 9084329

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Farmgard 47 in. x 330 ft. 12-1/2 gauge class 1 woven wire field fence is ideal for containing livestock, keeping wild animals out, crop protection and boundary definition. This farm fencing is made from galvanized steel for extended life. The top and bottom wires are heavy duty 10-gauge metal to minimize sagging. The inner fill wire is 12-1/2 gauge woven wire. The hinge joint knot style results in greater lateral strength, better absorption of animal impact, ability to expand and contract with weather changes and stretching to conform to land contours. The Farmgard Woven Field Fence's horizontal mesh openings are 6 in. wide with 10 line wires. They are 8 in. tall at the top and gradually get smaller towards the bottom to help prevent animal hooves from stepping through and smaller animals from escaping. Installation is very easy. Assemble with T-Posts (not included) that are spaced 6 ft. apart. The ease of installation and flexibility of this field fence makes it ideal for all terrains, pastures, corrals and farmyards.

  • Brand Name: MAT
  • Sub Brand: Farmgard
  • Height: 55 in.
  • Length: 330 ft.
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Type: Field
  • Product Type: Fence
  • Color: Silver
  • Packaging Type: Roll
  • Wire Gauge: 12.5 Ga.
  • Mesh Size: 6 in. Mesh Size

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