Meat Mitch Steer Season BBQ Rub 10.5 oz


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Meat Mitch Steer Season is a special blend of spices that have been married together to bring out the best in your beef. Steer Season Rub adorned our 1st Place World Championship winning Beef at the coveted Memphis in May World BBQ Championships. Steer into my eyes for all you Clod-hoppers out there, this is your money-maker when it's time to sprinkle up your Skirt and shake your Rump! But steer clear of the cattle call, 'cuz there's only one Steer Season.

  • Brand Name: Meat Mitch
  • Flavor: Steer Season
  • Product Type: BBQ Rub
  • Container Size: 10.5 oz
  • Packaging Type: Shaker Can

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