MicroGold No Scent Multi-action Antimicrobial Disinfectant 16 oz 1 pk

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MonoFoil D is now MicroGold Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray tested and proven effective to kill the COVID-19 virus. For use in hospitals and homes, MicroGold Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray is both a disinfectant to eliminate viruses and bacteria and a surface-bonding antimicrobial to suppress the growth of microorganisms. Antimicrobials can remain effective for several days, even weeks, against viruses, the EPA noted when recently announcing it is expediting testing and review on the long-lasting properties of antimicrobials. MicroGold technology uses a powerful Si-Quart antimicrobial that anchors to the surface, forming microscopic spikes that puncture membranes of offending microbes terminating them. For use on hard non-porous surfaces located in Kitchens, Bathrooms, External Surfaces of Toilets, Sealed Granite, Countertops, Telephones, Remote Control, Doorknobs, Floors, Garbage Cans and Stainless Steel.

  • Brand Name: MicroGold
  • Scent: No
  • Product Type: Multi-action Antimicrobial Disinfectant
  • Container Size: 16 oz
  • Number in Package: 1 pk
  • Removes Mold: Yes
  • Product Form: Spray
  • Application: Use On Hard Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Contains Bleach: No
  • Concentrated: No
  • Removes Mildew: Yes
  • Packaging Type: Trigger Spray Bottle
  • EPA/FDA Registered Kill Claim: Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

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