Milwaukee The TORCH 9 in. Nitrus Carbide Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade 7 TPI

Milwaukee ToolSKU: 2008999

Sale price$47.40


The Torch with Nitrus Carbide for Cast Iron and other thick metals is the next generation of carbide teeth technology. This Sawzall blade with Nitrus Carbide teeth cuts longer, cuts more and cuts faster than traditional carbide teeth products on the market. Milwaukee Nitrus Carbide technology eliminates the trade off between life and speed of cut compared to traditional carbide teeth blades. The blade delivers 3X the life of existing carbide teeth reciprocating saw blades to continuously make the toughest cast iron removals on the job. With 25% more Nitrus Carbide per tooth and a 1/2 in. universal tang, The Torch SawZall blade with Nitrus Carbide cuts the thickest metals like cast iron and soil pipe. With the unique carbide, it also outperforms standard carbide teeth blades in common thick metals.

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