Mitsuboshi FHP 5L410 General Utility V-Belt 0.65 in. W X 41 in. L For Fractional Horsepower Motors


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The FHP V-belt is a frictional forced power transmission belt designed for light duty, fractional horsepower drives. Its compact design is ideal for use with your office and home appliances. Replacement belt for light-duty applications including furnaces, fans, washers, dryers, compressors, shop tools, garage door opener and similar applications.

  • Brand Name: Mitsuboshi
  • Sub Brand: FHP 5L410
  • Product Type: General Utility V-Belt each
  • Width: 0.65 in.
  • Length: 41 in.
  • Used with Equipment Type: Fractional Horsepower Motors
  • Packaging Type: Sleeve each
  • Color: Black
  • Type: 5L

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