Model 1799 Powerhouse Office Electric Pencil Sharpener Ac-Powered 3 X 3 X 7 Black/Silver/Smoke | Total Quantity: 1

Elmer'S Products, Inc.SKU: ESEPI1799X

Sale price$73.55


Spend less time sharpening and more time writing.
Powerhouse sharpeners feature Fly-Away Cutters that minimize sharpener-related lead breakage while preventing oversharpening, to consistently deliver precision tips with minimal frustration.
Innovative, visible-cutter design and anti-clog gears makes it ideal for all pencil types, including artist-quality colored pencils.
Slip-resistant bottom keeps the pencil sharpener steady when in use.
SafeStart electric motor locks the blades in place when the extra-large, easy-to-empty shavings bin is removed.
Stay sharp with X-ACTO!

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