Neutral Multi-Purpose Cleaner 64 Eco-Id Concentrate For Easyconnect Systems | Citrus Scent | 101 Oz Bottle | 2/Carton

Coastwide ProfessionalSKU: ESCWZ24381058

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Degrease, deodorize and deeply clean the most sensitive surfaces�if water won't harm it, Neutral Multi-Purpose Cleaner 64 won't either.
Neutral-pH formula features powerful cleaning agents that quickly dissolve and suspend soils on hard, nonporous materials without dulling, discoloring or otherwise damaging their surfaces, and it wipes clean, film- and residue-free.
Ideal for walls, countertops, toilets, sinks, windows and more, this multipurpose cleaner also doubles as an excellent resilient-floor cleaner, and it works equally well in both manual mopping and auto-scrubbing applications.
Concentrated Eco-ID product dilutes at 0.5 oz per gallon, a 1:256 ratio.

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