Norton WallSand 11-1/4 in. L x 4-3/16 in. W 150 Grit Fine Silicon Carbide Waterproof Drywall Scr

NortonSKU: 1934215

Sale price$25.67


Create a smooth finish using this Screen-Bak Q422 fine grit screen sheet. Rely on this sheet for its non-loading properties, made possible by P-graded silicon carbide abrasive and an open-weave screen design. Remove rust, scale and corrosion while maintaining a fine finish using this sheet with a sanding board, a sanding block or by hand. These Screen-Bak sheets come in an convenient dispenser that reduces clutter, while the cloth construction means they are waterproof and washable for less waste. Simply rinse the sheet between coats and reuse it for long-lasting utility with metals, composites and wood projects.

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