Peakserve Continuous Hand Towel 7.91 X 8.85 White 410 Wipes Per Pack 12 Packs Per Each Carton | 1 Carton of: 12

EssitySKU: ESTRK105065

Sale price$107.88


Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towels means fewer washroom delays gets guests in and out faster.
Avoid run outs with 250% more hand towels and lower consumption thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing.
Faster dispensing serves guests in 3 seconds quicker than jet air drying time.
Taking a towel is always smooth and easy with our patented continuous towel system.
More flexibility means more time to clean.
Top it up when it suits you with up to 600 more guests served between refills.
Double the towels you carry as they're compressed by 50%.
Cut refill time in half with over 2000 towels per dispenser.
Poly bag wrapped.

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